By Kipsie

Three-Cornered Leek alert!!!!

Allium triquetrum  - "An invasive species brought over to the UK from the Mediterranean, it is an offence under Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act in England and Wales to plant or otherwise cause to grow this species in the wild." - Wild Food UK
This pretty, white, unassuming bell shaped flower is a real CHEAP SHOT, masquerading as a hardy geranium,  which Jorgiesmum knows is not the correct flower form, but is she aware of the thug it really is. Sneaking into her herbaceous border, today 4 or 5 flower heads next year they will have taken over completely unless she acts now ... How do I know. Well because it's taken over one of Mum's herbaceous borders which I'm currently treating with weed killer. I know the plant is edible, one of it's other common named being Three-cornered garlic, onion weed being another, but you can only eat so much garlic. It's a good job I went over to feed & exercise Jorgie today otherwise it may have gone unnoticed until it was too late.

Not a very nice morning weatherwise, blowing a hooley in fact, but no rain so I did a load of laundry, pegged it securely on the whirlygig then headed off to Knighton heath. Some of the birch saplings have been cut down during land management by DWT & I thought they would make good pea sticks so armed with my secateurs I cut myself a bundle, loaded them in the car then dropped them off at the plot, picking up a part bag of compost so that I can sow the remaining pumpkin/squash/courgette seed back in the greenhouse.
The wind had really picked up by the time I returned, so did a bit of housework, & paperwork. I received my pension info letter so needed to get registered on-line.
Watched a couple of frames of snooker on tv, then it was lunch time. I was keeping an eye on the weather forecast. "Rain at 3pm in Chudleigh". Time to head over to feed Jorgie. Had a quick chat with Lucy & Stan while she ate her lunch then we had a walk up the lane towards Ideford Common. The moors had disappeared by the time we turned around to head back so did'nt hang about. We got back just in time. Sat with Jorgie for awhile before heading back home again.

Thanks to laurie for hosting Mono Monday this month.

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