twinned with trumpton


Up to Hers and onwards to the station for the 2ns Saturday in succession; oh the excitement. Off on the Borders line as far as Gorebridge as that was where She had been given Her vaccination appointment.

After a brief exploration of all the town had to offer (the bowling club might be worth a visit in the future for a blip; a magnificent edifice - see extra) we grabbed a hot beverage and cake, did the jab thingy and headed the hell out of town on the bikes. Mayfield, Easthouses and around the back of Dulkeith (sic) before negotiating Whitecraigs, the River Esk path, North High St in Musselburgh and out along the prom at Porty. 

I'd bribed her with the offer of lunch at the Little Chartroom's pop up next to Crumbs; BBQ cabbage and bulghar wheat with a side of popcorn mussels with curry mayo; surveying the passers by on the prom. 

She had a tennis lesson at Leith at 2, so off again we cycled; I explored the waste ground between Asda and the lighthouse - some sort of haven of the fishing fraternity, it turns out. After the tennis, we headed back to Hers. I managed to procure some nice raw king prawns and set about doing them with a coriander lime chilli garlic ginger coconut sauce; I even managed a beer. It's important to rehydrate after a 50km cycle ride, dontchya know?

(A Paul McPhail shot in the style of the artist)

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