twinned with trumpton


Lads to school; WFH ( a team meeting - oh the joy!)

At lunchtime I sought to erase the memory of the meeting by pounding around the 'hood on the pedals before I did some work. 

I finished half an hour early (I'd done half an hour extra earlier in the week) so again I took to the saddle before a special request of Chicken Kiev, partly due to Alex's new chum in his class who's from Ukraine.

The Binos lost 2 to injuries inside 15 and then 2 goals shortly thereafter as their play off spot looked in jeopardy; Elgin running out 3-1 in a decent game (apart from the result) Still, at least it's made me think I really ought to get Elgin ticked off as it's one of six I still need for the complete set of Scottish league grounds - although surely Brechin will exit soon and it'll be 7 grounds I'll need. I can only hope Brora get in as I really fancy a footballing day out there. (Hearts fans can now tune in again)

I've taken to scavenging wing mirrors I find  on the verges as I cycle about; I can't afford those glass ball thingies people use in photos but cracked wing mirrors are within my budget, so....

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