A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Moss and Moor

This is the sort of textile art that I love but don’t have room for.
Saw it today at Moss and Moor garden centre in Ilkley which I assume is what it is meant to represent.
It’s fairly new and used to be a caravan sales centre which I remember visiting many years ago thinking we would one day buy one!

We went for some planters, having intitially thought of going to Barnsely but they only open certain days and being seconds you can’t rely on what they will have. Any they had what we wanted at half price! We got three, one each for the roses I have bought for the girls and one for the one I bought on Friday at Harlow Carr. One of the roses for Eda ( Champagne Moment) is a replacement for one we have in the small flower bed at the front which we thought had died, We were going to put Jude’s rose in there too but it has flooded a couple of times this winter so we’re not going to risk it.

After making our purchases we had a coffee outside on the very wild and windy terrace (in two weeks we’ll be able to go inside!). At least it wasn’t raining. Nice views up to the moor and the Cow and Calf rocks.
We then popped into Ilkley for a bit of shopping before returning home. 

Lots of petals knocked to the ground from yesterday’s heavy rain. The Pieris and Magnolias have particularly suffered though the M Soulangia didn’t really get a chance this year with the heavy frosts. The tulips in a pot but the front step haven’t lost their petals but have bowed down with the ferocity of the rain. ( The other pots are not dead but contain Chris’s Fuchsias waiting to come to life)
I think this looks like the moor (Ilkley) with the River Wharfe in the bottom of the dale below.

May the fourth be with you!

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