By MumOf4Wildlings

May the 4th be with you

I love this date. I'm a massive star wars fan. My niece is now 10 but when she was a baby I took her to Glasgow comic con dressed as Yoda. I was dressed up too. And of course the jedi a year ago. 

It's been a day of housework and entertaining the two smaller wildlings. I handed a pee sample into the docs for Harp. I'm keeping a record but she's actually only passed urine 4 times since Sunday dinner. I will be calling the docs again in the morning if she doesn't start going. She is drinking quite a bit so I know she's not dehydrated. 

The boys had a good time at school and nursery. Mr R is working later than normal as he has had to take a couple of hours off to take the car to Carlisle to get it serviced. 

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