By Ingleman

Blooming Marvellous!

Q- Why do we never get hungry when we are on the beach?

The blip today is another view of the Moat, where I do volunteering gardening work each week. There are myriad trees and shrubs which are now bursting into life, blossoms and blooms abound. The reeds are growing rapidly and a pair of moorhens have successfully raised a brood of cute little bundles of fluff, sheltering in the verges and vegetation at the edge of the water. There is a lot of activity with birds nesting all over the place. A pair of Robins have taken up residence in the greenhouse, we are excited to watch them flying in and out. It's all kicking off and it's such a pleasure to be involved with the seasonal transitions. Today was windy and cloudy but the occasional bursts of sunshine illuminated the trees and made great reflections on the water. It's all too beautiful....

A- Because of all the sand which is there... 

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