By MarilynParker

Geocache maintenance on Colliers Moss Common North

I had a cache which needed attention (2 or 3 Did Not Find logs) so I went to check on it / replace it.
The cache had gone and some yobs had been setting fires so I had to change the hiding place. Popped a new cache in the new hide, loged the coordinates and had a little walk around part of the site, checking a few others while there.
One had not been replaced where it should have been and was exposed, likely to be lost since it had been replaced incorrectly. I do wish some cachers could be more careful.
Had a bit of hail while out and a few spots of rain but made it home before a downpour.
I did not walk far as I was having a bad day as far as hip and back pain goes. I'm on a geocaching trip with pals tomorrow so hoping for less pain!
On a brighter note -had my lunch and by that time the sun was out, the sky was blue so I pegged the washing out and it all dried.

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