An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


David has worked really hard over the last couple of weeks clearing all the junk out of the garage and the outhouse, to the point we were left with only the stuff that was too large or messy for the local tip, or we are keeping / selling.  Time to organise a visit by K the Van Man to take away the former.

He arrived at 8.30am and an hour and a half later (we thought it would take much longer) he was done.  

All that's left now is the stuff in my blip (yes that's the garage AFTER the. massive clear out! :-)) which we have to go through to decide what we are keeping and what we are selling.  If you know anyone looking for 2 baths, an antique farmhouse kitchen table circa 1900 (not going to be using it as my art table now as I need furniture that can be easily moved around) an Italian glass coffee table and two matching lamp tables, and a silver cross pushchair to name a few, point them in my direction!  lol

Alan had an appointment with the Dental Hygienist in the afternoon.  The dentist organised a prescription of Diazepam for him and this time he was relaxed enough for her to remove plaque from his bottom teeth.  A major step forward.  Also bumped into L, a dental assistant who used to be one of his Support Workers.  She was very pleased to see him and he her, even though he was slightly spaced out from the diazepam.  

This evening I had my final RPS Creativity live workshop.  I started this course at the end of February and I have learned so much and enjoyed every one.  Felt quite sad that it was the last one (well the course continues  but I've done all the workshops :-)  Will be like a knotless thread next Wednesday evening.

The Golfer :-))

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