An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Election Day here is Scotland.  Interesting times.  No need to sit up awaiting results as due to covid restrictions there's no overnight counting so result won't start coming in until tomorrow and Saturday.  We voted by post for the first time and I think that's how we will do it from now on.   Saves worrying about things like snow preventing one getting to the polling station :-))

Not too bad a day here today, but elsewhere in Perthshire the weather is crazy.  A friend posted a photo on FB of a snow-bound Schiehallion road.  We took that road to Loch Rannoch last week!  

A shot of the little bush at our front door (I can't remember its name :-) helped remind me it is spring.  The Japanese maple tree and the bluebells are way behind where they were this time last year.  I can only hope that a lovely warm summer is upon us sooner rather than later.

David and a hygienist appointment in St Andrews.  I would have gone with him to take some photos if the weather had been warmer.  Instead I stayed home and painted, crocheted and read some more of my new book on colour theory.  It's very interesting.

David played golf locally with Adrian at 5pm.  Apparently they both played "memorable" golf, I'm just not sure it was always memorable for the right reasons! :-)

Now trying to sort out a lunch date with friends we've not seen for 18 months.  We had lunch arranged for March last year, but it was the week we went into the first lockdown so that was that.  Can't wait to see them! 

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