An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy Day!

I was up and at 'em by 7.30am.  Not sure where that little burst of energy came from :-)) 

An early lunch, after which excitement levels were at fever pitch as this afternoon heralded the return of my right hand woman cleaning Lady L.  She's not been here since the week before Christmas and we are both over the moon that she is back.  Lola went nuts and demanded her treat and a duster from L's bag of cleaning goodies.  She likes to help :-)

Although we checked in with each other weekly during the lockdown, there was much to catch up on.  Cleaning was done but there was a lot of chatting too.  I was so engrossed in our conversation at one point, I dipped my paintbrush into my mug of coffee instead of the water pot!  It's so good to have her back! :-)

I finished putting the last pen touches to the painting for my friend H's sister's birthday next month and started laying the first washes of paint.  Wanted to make good headway with it as a busy weekend coming up so will probably be Tuesday before I get back to it.  I'm happy with it so far (you'll be relived to hear that H ;-)) 

Finished my painting session with one of the timed painting exercises I do regularly to try and encourage fast, loose and instinctive painting practices.  I usually do this on A4 paper, but I'd been making some gift cards earlier on business card size pieces of watercolour paper, so thought I would use one of those.  Since the paper size was so small, one minute of painting time was allowed, which is actually quite a lot of time when the paper is this size and using a medium brush!  I took a pic for my records and as it's the only pic I took today, it's my blip.  Oh and I took the extra too to remind myself of the paper size.

As I type, Alan's having an evening hydro session in the pool and going by the volume of the music and the continuous laughter, I'd say he's enjoying himself!

Meanwhile, I have signed up to Skillshare.  I think the RPS workshops have prodded my brain into learning mode again!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :-)))

P.S. Scottish Election results slowly coming in....

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