An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And the sun shone...


I woke up at 5am, peaked out the blinds and my jaw dropped once again at the view from this beautiful little house.  And the sky was blue!!!

Kenny had thought about doing a circular walk from Hushnish beach but as this is the only day with full sunshine forecast I thought they would be better going to see the jewel in Harris' crown, Luskentyre beach, and walk there instead.

The drive there was glorious and we all gasped as the road turned and suddenly the white sands were revealed before us.  When we visited in 2019 it was a dull damp day and although it was beautiful, I was disappointed that I hadn't seen the beaches in the sunshine.

Dropped Ele and Kenny at the beach and we worked our way back along the road and headed towards Scarista to find the golf course Kenny and David hope to play later this week.  

We carried on to the Temple Cafe at Northton where we picked up some cinnamon buns, then headed slowly back to Luskentyre with David stopping every few minutes when I yelled STOP! so I could take photos.  We found the golf course, which looked lovely in the sunshine and windless day.  It may be a bit more challenging on a windy day :-))

So glad I got to see Scarista, Horgabost, Seilebost and Luskentyre (sadly only from the road as getting onto the beaches is impossible for me) in the sunshine.  I look forward to seeing them all again later in the week in more moody atmospheres.

We returned to pick Ele and Kenny up.  They'd had a wonderful walk the length of Luskentyre and even met the beautiful white pony that roams the sand dunes.  

On the way back along the road out of Luskentyre David spotted the Cake Shed, a little blue shed stuffed full of amazing home baking and an honesty box (see extra).  He quickly scooped up some lemon drizzle cake, aero mint slice, and two flavours of cupcakes and left the money in the honesty box.  He really couldn't believe such a thing exists! :-))

Back home for coffee and some of that delicious home baking, before heading out again to Hushnish beach before the sunset.  We met a couple of the locals along the way (in extras :-)

Back to the house for dinner, some tv then I was first in bed.  The fresh air  knocked me out! 

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