An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Flower power…


A day of lists…

Shopping list
To do list
Birthday list
Menu list
Camera list
Art supplies list

I could go on but I’m boring myself now!

Also got the watercolour I painted last week framed ready to be hung in the garden room. It’s a nice reminder of our week away.

Also painted the flowers I’ve blipped. They’ve still to be doodled on so are a bit plain so I’ve faffed with them to make them more interesting.

It’s the only photo I’ve taken today (I take photos of my art work mid way as looking at a photo is the only way I can see what needs to be done to complete the work. A bit like not being able to fully absorb a report on a screen and having to print it to read it properly :-))

Watched some of the Coronation Concert then put my headphones on and returned to my lists.

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