In Memory Of Doris - Whoever She Is!!

I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve been working on ‘Recipes’ in the big declutter that’s going on in my house! A couple of days ago I baked my mother’s Bran Fruit Loaf. This is another recipe that I found in her recipe collection. Doris’ “Things”. I’m not sure who Doris is. I don’t remember any of her friends with that name. She probably met her at some coffee morning or event and asked for the recipe. It became a family favourite. My mum always baked it in round tins and cut it into wedges but I only had square tins available.

I invited a friend over to sit in my garden. Today was supposed to be the best day weather wise before a wet and windy storm rolled in this weekend. There wasn’t supposed to be rain - but there was!  All afternoon! Thankfully I have a ‘rain solution’ for social visits, since we’re not yet supposed to be entertaining indoors as we very  slowly  come out of lockdown. The side door to my garage and the door to my conservatory are more than 2m apart and at an angle to each other. So we both sit just inside each doorway, sheltered from the rain (and wind!) and lots of outdoor space between us! We were happy and dry and enjoyed time spent with another human being!

My friend makes a very similar recipe to this and almost always has it available when I’ve visited her in the past. She uses oats instead of cornflakes but she liked this version. I sent a few squares home with her and the recipe too. I may try her version next time. I’m thinking that the oats might be healthier than the cornflakes?

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