Food Memories

One of my current decluttering projects is sorting through lots of recipes - some torn out of magazines or newspapers, some written on scraps of paper, some neatly written and passed on from friends or family. I’ve ‘inherited’ recipe files and handwritten notebooks from my mum and both grandmothers. And there are lots from my own collection. I’m scanning anything that I want to keep and throwing away most of the loose pieces of paper. I have a very well organised recipe folder on my computer and saved to the cloud!

The greatest joy in this is finding family favourites that are from my mum’s collection. I am trying out some of them and this one is a favourite and very easy Bran Loaf recipe. I made it today for the first time and took it with me as I went to a ‘garden-lunch’ at a friend’s. My friend also knew and loved my mum so we enjoyed it together and I left the rest of the loaf with her to share with her husband.

Oh my! That taste! I felt like I was 12 years old again and sitting right back in our family kitchen. I will definitely be making this one again!

It appears that this is a blip-anniversary for me. 2500 entries. Wow! How did that happen?? I’ve missed some along the way and I’m often several days behind and have to catch up, but Blipfoto is definitely part of my day. I enjoy and learn so much from other journals although sadly I don’t always comment.

To celebrate this special blip milestone I symbolically counted out the mixed fruit for the loaf and can certify that there are exactly 2500 pieces of fruit. Yes there are. For sure. ;-)

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