My Goodies from Antiquing

So we had our big adventure on Tuesday, and I finally got to do some antique shopping. No, I didn't bring home the marvelous red accordion (despite all threats to the contrary!). But I did pick up a few pretty baubles.

Above you may see my purchases. Clearly, I was in the market for new critters, some or most of whom you will get to see in future photo shoots! There was a lovely group of spider jewelry, and I bought almost all of it. I know some people are afraid of spiders, but we adore them here. (I'm married to a guy who catches bugs from outside to feed to the spiders living inside our house.)

The three spiders in the upper left are not vintage; in fact, you may find something just like them if you go to Amazon and search on "spider crystal rhinestone brooch pin." The earrings on the bottom left are not either; they are just some shiny sparklies that I liked.

That leaves the Christmas angel, the turquoise turtle on a silver chain, the red spider in its web, and the six kitties with (sorry you can't see this detail) gleaming green jewel eyes. Every spot where there is supposed to be a gem or crystal, THERE IS ONE! And that means a lot to someone like me.

The last time we had a turtle in our photo shoot was when we staged that Great Texas Sea Turtle Rescue tribute. So the two greenies sauntered over and asked the new turtle immediately if it needed assistance; fortunately, it did not! So it was that the Crittergators met and welcomed all of the new creatures to our home.

The little red-shirt in the middle was quite taken with the beautiful new Christmas angel. He sat and just LOOKED at her adoringly, and asked if we could sing her Christmas carols, to make her feel at home. We love Christmas here, and we keep Christmas in our hearts all year long. I said: of COURSE, we can! And so we did. . . .

It is my tradition to include a soundtrack song, and today, I want to share TWO. The singer is Jewel; the first song is for me and my baubles: You Were Meant for Me. The second song is for our brand new angel: Jewel again, with Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

P.S. For any who may be curious, this entire haul cost me about $41!

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