By KatesGardenPDX

Faded Glory

Thanks so much for your continued lovely (and loving) thoughts and comments about my dad. He's still in the hospital, at least until Saturday, and maybe beyond. Besides the cardiac issues (congestive heart failure) which have gone on for years and now, at age 92, are hugely problematic. He has kidney failure, and apparently a myriad of other health issues. I spoke with him today while my sister and mom were visiting. With Covid, the policy at the hospital is one family member visiting a day (the next day someone else can visit). But my mom is in a wheel chair and is non-ambulatory - she needs someone to push her (and frankly to find dad's room). So they talked the hospital into letting one of my sisters push her in to see my dad.

Mom had a good birthday, despite my dad's hospitalization. We all celebrated yesterday, and my two sisters will make sure she has a nice dinner tonight. Happy 93rd mom!

I'm taking a workshop on how to best teach online classes so that I can teach my plant ID class more effectively this summer. So I worked on that for quite a while today. And took care of my grandson for several hours while his sister was in school. I managed a short visit to the garden and found this really lovely anemone - I was struck by the almost silver color inside. But if you look at it closely you'll see that it's been nibbled on by slugs (the ones that are apparently hiding from me!). But so many things in nature are lovely, even to the end. Here's to my mom :-)

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