By KatesGardenPDX

A Long Day

I spent much of the day with my mom today. She woke up with a bad toothache and her regular dentist wasn't working today since he had a bad reaction to his vaccination. So I called around and found an emergency dentist near where she lives in Vancouver. Turns out she has an infection in her tooth and will need to make a decision about whether to have a root canal and replacement tooth (at age 93?) which was suggested, or simply an extraction with a spacer sort of device. I spent the rest of the day with her, and my siblings all came by mid-afternoon. It took a long time to get home in the Friday afternoon traffic...but it's all ok. I'm home, it's lovely but cool and everyone is safe. Dad's doing a little better and we're trying to figure out all of the logistics. Lots of emotions, but we seem to be getting along as best as we can.

I did get a quick walk in this morning. My neighbor has a gorgeous poppy that I have lusted after for years. Now that I'm turning my front perennial border into a much drier garden, I can probably grow poppies. They did not like the summer irrigation that we did in the past and they rotted. A lovely silver lining! You'll see that it fades rather beautifully in the extra!

Thanks again for your lovely support and comments about my family. I'm eternally grateful to you all.

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