By JeanSnaps

Cloud over the hill.

Very little done today but I was pleased with the little I did.   Almost all the periwinkle is gone.  I hope to finish it tomorrow.  Worked hard until it began to hail.  Courtney was out enjoying it so I had a chat with Emma and my first sight of Elmo.  He's a beauty.  I must photograph him sometime.
Did a lot of reading in  the afternoon then went to Leven beach in torrential rain.  I was driving into dark skies but could see  it was going to brighten up.  The beach was almost empty as the rain had chased people away.  I had been hoping for birds but there were none apart from the odd seagull and crow.  One seagull had a large starfish and I tried for a photo with no success. Too much tossing and shaking going on.  The sky was amazing.  Dark cloud and rain showers in one direction.  In the other light clouds and clear sky with the sun shining.  I stood and watched it creeping along to Largo Law and moving up the hill.  Drove home to even darker clouds fringed with falling rain over the Lomond Hills.  When I arrived the sun was trying to break through.  A pale disc behind a cloudy veil.

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