Northern Star

By Lifferz


Its been a very hard and heavy week but it's been productive and ended well. Just starting to feel ok again after a very rough yesterday

Walked with my oldest friend in Gloucestershire after work. I've just realised that I've known her for 20 years- that feels pretty amazing. We had a good chat and took in some of the local views which was lovely. The fields were full of cowslips and some very pretty wild orchids. 

We sat down on a bench and my friend very unexpectedly produced crisps and a small bottle of wine. She gave me a lovely card and a very sweet gift (some small candles in pretty handmade terracotta pots- symbolic of light). 

Yesterday I got my official new job appointment letter through and coincidently good news about my request to reduce my hours in my primary job. We sat sipping wine and chatting as the colours in the sky started to change. It was really nice and it does now feel like a new chapter and a time of positive change. Got home just before it started to go dark.

The reflective light on the horizon is the River Severn and I'm looking towards the Forest of Dean.

Extras added to make me smile

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