By Arachne

A convivial evening outside as the garden grew colder.

Inside my mosquito cage this morning, loosening soil ready to plant out lettuce seedlings, I got a tiny puncture wound from a rusty nail (today's ironmongery haul, from a patch of soil that has already been dug over three or four times in the last year, is in extras). So this afternoon's already-arranged visit to the doctor (what amazing timing - I rarely go to the doctor) was longer than expected as I was given a tetanus booster. I was very impressed at being treated like a grown up - shown the incomplete evidence on potential clashes between the Covid vaccine, which I had on Tuesday, and the tetanus vaccine, and asked what I thought.

I discovered yesterday that the online triage process to get an appointment involves lots of questions that wouldn't normally come up in a visit to the GP, one of which the the doctor followed up on. 

I'm impressed by my new surgery. Or maybe it's just that Covid means that when GPs do finally get to see patients face to face they have more time than they used to.

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