By dunkyc


Anyone has ever read any of my entries about my offspring will (or should) be in no doubt about how much I love them.

However, one of the benefits of being a co-parent is that just when the children are threatening to win, you are afforded time to yourself to give you a chance to stop and catch your breath.

After a fairly late night last night, I slept in until 8.44 this morning. I honestly don’t know the last time that happened. To then follow this laziness up with a brew and bacon sandwich in bed was truly manna from heaven. It also gave me the chance to catch up with my fellow blippers activities and it was clear to see that most were bracing for a day of horrendous weather, which arrived bang on schedule.

As a result, aside from a walk into town in the rain to grab some provisions, there wasn’t much going on today and this was the only photo I took. Just out of and directly below the shot, unseen by me prior to taking the photo was a camouflaged person fettling about with the river bed.

Their camo game was strong.

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