Capital adventures

By marchmont

Gardening - but not mine

I had a good night's sleep and did think about going to Commonwealth for a swim but instead I chatted to #2 soon then got up and wanted the kitchen floor.

There were people viewing next door, 7 couples. Quite an odd experience for me. Despite an iffy weather forecast I dug out lavender from the front and that went to #2 son's to finish the front garden. The ground is solid clay. So hard to dig. Tidied it all up and planted lavender and other plants. It looks more like a garden now. The back however, ..... L is supposed to keep the garden, cut the grass etc but she doesn't. #2 son is not impressed.

Back home I cut my grass and did some bits and couple returned to measure the drive.

I had a few aches and pains from the digging so a hot shower was required.

Feels like it's been a good day.

F2F - 4
Phone calls - 1
Virtual - 0

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