Capital adventures

By marchmont

Cross stitch

This is a Covid delayed cross stitch. It was handed in the framing over 5 months ago.

I thought I'd do things today but the v weather intervened. It was cold (6 deg) and wet. I sewed, and did s bit of family history and as bit of hotel searching for June, (though this is NOT my job) and made s start on setting up the new laptop. This weather is more than depressing. It's winter weather, not spring.

Watched a bit of the election results. A damp squib. We've pretty much ended up where we were before. The blue bits were always going to stay blue and a couple of the red bits were due to strong personal support. Edinburgh was last to declare. The only change is there are a lot of new MSPs and that will alter things a bit. Bit whilst we're saddled with the linesman the philanderer and his party failed to make any headway. That's a relief..

F2F - 0
Phone call - 1
Virtual - 0

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