Floating on air

A late-afternoon walk by the river near Bellingham, on a short stretch of the North Tyne Trail. It seemed quite a way to travel for a river walk, but it didn't take long for MrM's ulterior motive to become obvious! He's planning a fishing trip with a friend next week, and it's one of the stretches of river they're considering.

It was a very pleasant outing all the same. Though many of the trees are still bare, along the river banks there were carpets of wood anemones, celandines, and primroses. Lots of daffodils still in flower too. Some dramatic skies, but once again we were lucky, and didn't get caught in any showers. Back home via Wark, where we stopped by the river for our evening meal, cooked on the camping stove. Maybe, one day soon we'll be able to have a Sunday dinner at a pub, as in days of yore...

Since we've been visiting Bellingham, over the past 7 or 8 years, there's always been building work on this site, but this time it's obvious what's being built - a house on a raised platform. It's very near the river, and they're obviously taking the risk of flooding very seriously.

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