Spinning for joy

More abysmal weather, so we had a pleasantly lazy Saturday morning involving coffee and crosswords.

MrM disappeared into the workshop in the afternoon, while I cleared our soon-to-be cupboard. Until recently it was an open space between the bathroom and the hall door, less than 0.75x1.00 m, with a heavily-frosted window at one end, and generally used as a storage area for junk things we keep 'just in case'. There were some stained-glass hangings on the window, that I moved to new homes. The shell (a present from Tom many years ago), is now in one living-room window, and the large blue pentagram (made by a friend in Wakefield when we lived there) in the other. The bird in the Blip (also made by a friend), is in the kitchen. They all look much nicer in their new homes - the bird is enjoying some light and has space to spin round slowly, the shell just looks right above the plants on the window sill, and the pentagram somehow makes the whole room seem calmer.

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