By Missycat

Day 413 The new care home

Today I had my designated walk to the end of our road and back where we could view both the rather splendid newly built care home and just to the left the alley way which leads to Linder's Field.  I think that it will be another week or so before I tackle Linder's Field as the terrain is rather uneven and the tussocks of grass tend to conceal unexpected holes and dips..  On my short walk I enjoyed a chat with Zeus09smum ( we have normally been communicating via Messenger) and two other neighbours who pulled up and asked how I was doing.  It was nice to see a glimpse of the outside world, albeit rather windy and chilly.
In extras is a pic of Violet, who stopped by with her mummy after a weekend away in Kent.  The weather was very variable there too of course but there seemed plenty for the children to do including sessions in the indoor swimming pool, which is what prompted Violet to seek  out the swim ring!

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