By Dakers

A Time To Plan(t)

After a mild day yesterday, the weather had cooled and the rain clouds were gathering.

I had planned to plant some shrubs and some trees. However, I think that can be postponed for a few days. Today’s photo shows three shrubs which can be planted immediately.

There are many more. All in pots. They should have been done by now. May has not been typical this year. It has been colder than usual. I garden when it is sunny and dry. Rain is not for me.

In the post I discovered the latest issue of the Bell Baxter Former Pupils Association Newsletter, suggesting that a short biography of my life so far might be in order for their records.

Looking through the rather fine newsletter and recognising some of the names who have shed their mortal coil it might be a wise move.

I did have a completely uneventful time at BB winning no accolades at all. My accolades came from the extra-curricular activities at the time and after.

Of course, since then, I have achieved some modest success in various fields since then. So I can write up something of interest without breaching various non-disclosure agreements including the Official Secrets Act.

No, I cannot give even a hint!

I have noticed that for some reason camera data is not being displayed. I wonder why?

Of note, I reached 11,000,000 steps today. Not bad for just over 2 years.

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