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Mono ........

 ........... Monday381  (MM381)  -  something beginning with '' T '' - hosted by Laurie54  - thank you.

Transforming Textures with a bit of swirly cornering.
Do you know what this is??

Smile for the Day:

The morning before dinner with his girlfriend's parents, a hopeful boyfriend visits a local chemist store to buy some condoms for later in the evening..

The store owner recommends to him some new flavoured and differently textured condoms and talks at length to him on the evolution of condoms and the young man finally buys a pack of six..

Upon reaching his girlfriend's place i
n the evening he is introduced to her parents.

As soon as he is introduced, he bows to them as a mark of respect and is in that position for sometime

" I didn't know you knew about the Asian custom of bowing " says his girlfriend.

In a nervous murmur, he exclaims  "  ..... and I didn't know that your father was a chemist! "


~ Anni ~

Yesterday's blip was a recovering bee ............

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