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Just ..........

 ......... a little piece of vintage Hornsea Pottery  -  it used to sit in my bedroom when I was tiny and the flowers I first remember going in it were nasturtiums  -  it's a vivid memory as three earwigs must have crawled out of them and got on my pillow - I've disliked earwigs ever since - I would have been about two/three so this TINY vase (less than four inches high) must be close to 70 years old.

With many thanks to freespiral for hosting this week with the optional challenge of " animal ".

Smile for the Day:

What did the three earwigs say to each other as they fell out of a tree?
Earwig-o, earwig-o, earwig-o ............


~ Anni ~

For those wondering, my MM shot yesterday was the end of a swede (the vegetable, not the death of an inhabitant of Sweden!).
I think, in the US, they are rutabagas ...... yes, Elaine??

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