By TonyG

Know your Onions

Or - What's in a Name?

Planting ornamental onions in the garden is in vogue I think.   There are plenty to choose from.   The best are imposing specimen plants, often with an interesting, decorative seed head later in the season.   However, there are some which increase far too quickly in the right conditions and can be very invasive weeds.   Today's offering probably falls into the first category although, having raised this one from seed, I'll reserve judgement for a year or two while we see what happens on the seed front!   I was given this under the name Allium akaka, an Iranian species, which may well be correct but it does resemble Allium nevskianum which is found nearby in Afghanistan, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan.    I think it's rather nice and plan to add to this single bulb planted out from my supply of potted seedlings.

A busier day.   Various small tasks completed, not least the potting on of Jamie's tomato plants, two varieties chosen for their dwarf nature and flavoursome fruits.    Fun!

Jamie looks forward to a return to riding tomorrow while I look forward to another trip to the dentist :-/

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