twinned with trumpton


After the boys were duly despatched to school, I returned to the day job. Pausing briefly to remember I hadn't administered Alex's full doseage before he left for school. Oops! School were very obliging in getting ir fixed, though!

At lunchtime I set forth to WFHH in the afternoon; I got as far as Leith St before seeking shelter in a doorway whilst the monsoon passed.

An uneventful day at the 'office' and after a restorative sleep, we went out for the missing ingredients for Ottolenghi's seafood stew. Its bombproof and never anything less than brilliant; adding in the salty feta and spring onions at the end to the sauce just elevates it somewhere else completely.

Rubbish TV / chat with Maw / speedy cycle home.

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