NAH!  "TWO FOR"…the price of one.  Earlier in the "Panda moan eum" I had a self-administered #1 all over.  Shuddabin a #2, but I mislaid it.  Despite that signor Murtas removed an inordinate amount of thatch this time, not quite enough to stuff a cushion though.
The other thing worthy of note - 12 years (ish) after this the cooker is playing sillibeggars.  The "Michaelwave" we've had for yonks wasn't up to the job of stand-in oven.  I did a π for π & PPPPPP - the Oven told me it was up to temp. I bunged the Pie in for the recomended time.
Result #1:-
Cold centre.
Result #2:-
New Michaelwave.
Result #3:-
A hot π. - YUM.
However - in reverse order.
I was NOT asleep.  The old swede was steered to that "hat he chewed" to de-wool the old neck.  I therefore took the opporunity to grab a swift shot and was gazing down at the angled LED screen in order to shoot his very Patriotic Brush in the Italian colours.
As is frequently the case, post Alice, I can not rely on memory for even the year, much less the month.  That's how come I know how old the Cooker is.

I haven't got around to turning my silly cassette loose on the concept of Dough-proof Yogurt. - YET.

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