curns' corner

By curns


For a couple of week on my regular shop I have been looking to buy a jar of Marmite. I became a convert to the yeasty goodness a few years ago and, ever since, I have had a jar in the cupboard. I noticed I was getting low so put it on the list. Marmite been out of stock at my local supermarket for the past few weeks. So, on my walk last night, I went to some other local shops and found the same thing. Everywhere the standard product is out of stock. So, went to the internet.

It turns out that a primary supplier of yeast is the brewery industry. And, with pubs closed and reduced beer sales, the yeast has been in short supply. It seems that this has been an issue for a year as production of larger jars was suspended last June. Clearly, I am behind the times but pubs are reopening which should help supplies of yeast.

Also, I found a large pot available at an online retailer so I decided to go for that. Let’s see if that turns up.

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