By AmandaT2013

Pink door

A kind of busy day, but productive busy.  This morning we had John Lewis to allegedly resolve the issues with the blinds (after almost three years).  I had low expectations, and they arrived with three blinds, only two of which were the right size!  Then managed to break the one in Mr T's room so no blind at all now (grr).

I managed a bit more painting this morning while Mr T was asleep.  I used a bit too much pink paint so a quick message to Mo4W and she told me how to fix it.  Thank you!  I have been very surprised at how much I have enjoyed this project the last couple of days.  It is so therapeutic and more relaxing than knitting or crochet.  I think I have a new second favourite pastime!  

This afternoon the showers thinned out so I finally managed to pot on my plug plants and plant my bulbs.  I potted up 120 very tiny geraniums, petunias and gazzinias, 24 trailing geraniums, 12 nemisia and 145 summer bulbs!  Also some wild meadow flowers seeds.  Now I need more compost!  

Then I started to put some knobs on the bedroom furniture and some decorative film on the glass doors.

Chilling now.  So busy but not rushing, and all enjoyable.  I loved being in the garden and Mr Blackbird was singing most of the time. Everything I did today made me feel better, although I'm tired now.

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