Into Peterhead

Up that coast we went, motor driving us onward as the sails were never going to be enough. And 23 hours after leaving, working our two hours on and two off, we got into the harbour and tied up. High fives! Switched off the engine - all the electrics instantly went dead. After twenty hours non stop motoring you’d expect well charged batteries. 
Oh bugger - it didn’t take long to find the problem - batteries fried and steaming underneath all the clobber in the 3/4 berth. Had the alternator regulator packed in, or more embarrassingly, were the batteries beyond decrepit? Anyway, there are few better places to break down than Peterhead. We’d summon the marine electrics people in the morning. The last few miles the wind had strengthened slightly and I’d considered switching off the engine. So, close thing.
I was determined we were going to enjoy the evening anyway.

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