By Alichap21

I confess .......

...... this picture was taken last night on my way home from my patchwork class. The sunset was behind me and the photo was taken through my wing mirror. I hadn’t seen a decent sunset for months so here it is.

I have put a bona fide photo, from this morning, in the extra. By the time I went out the heavy early morning rain had ceased so I headed up to the loch to check on the goslings and Mrs Swan who is still sitting on her nest.

There was some activity down at the pontoon and the gentleman in charge of the dinghy was able to tell me that they are hoping to open up the sailing centre next week to school groups. I hope the boats get back on the water ..... the centre has had a run of bad fortune with poisonous algae for a couple of seasons and that was just successfully treated when COVID came along. Fingers crossed for summer 2021.

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