Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

What Was He Thinking?

From the moment I sat at a table two away from this fellow I couldn’t stop giggling to myself. I mean, WTH?? He’s there frequently when I am, usually with his little dog. He brings a collapsible water dish which the waitresses gladly fill. No dog today. While he never engages in conversation, he usually looks like a normal guy. I almost felt bad for the dude because it looked like he had a foot or ankle injury. But when he was done, he walked to his car with nary a limp. Just made me giggle more. At least he’s civil by placing a napkin on his lap (?). This will be the only thing I’ll envision every time I see him in the future.

Hot today. Got up to 97°/36° with no discernible breeze. I don’t mind it hot but a small breeze and a bit of shade really help. The interior of my car was 108°/42° when I got into it this afternoon. Can’t wait until I can use my garage again.

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