By schorschi

Just the Tonic

Woke up feeling much better than yesterday, the only thing getting me down the awful torrential rain that has returned and also brought much cooler air. Gone is our summer 2021.

However, the day was to turn out wonderfully for me in Bavaria as news and photos started coming in from Norfolk. Really gave me a boost & forgot my woes, and the best part I didn't have to risk life and limb to get my photo Blip of the day.

My dear friend Annie in Norwich spent the day visiting a friend in Norfolk and walking around the lovely bluebell woods on the farm - see Extra photo. Then in the evening she met up with another dear friend, Jimmy, together with his OH and young son. Annie sent me some photos.

Jimmy was the subject of a Blip from September 1976 when we had been messing about on boats on the Norfolk Broads. The last time I saw Jimmy was on 13th February 1977 when we had a drink together in an, unusually in my diary, unnamed pub in London. Two weeks before on 29th January, we had had another Norwich/Norfolk Broads day - Saturday morning meet up in central Norwich at Bond's store for a coffee, drink & lunch at the Maids Head Hotel, then did something on the Broads, met up in the evening again at the Maids Head and then set off for the disco at Ranworth Broad with Ian, Paul & Sally. I don't remember who Paul & Sally were, Ian a sailing friend. Annie, a nurse in London, was probably thankfully working!

However, more interestingly in my 1977 diary was the day with Jimmy on 8th January when he, Ian and I went to the Earl's Court Boat Show. In the distance, we spotted Annie together with two other sailing friends, GeorgeP and ChrisDuC. I refused to go over and talk to them! I was still sulking from breaking up with Annie finally on 1st October 1976, after over 3 years together and hadn't seen her since. It was ChrisDuC who had introduced me to Annie on 13th September 1973!

I claim it was the last time I ever saw Annie in person. She claims she jumped into my London Underground train in July 1977 when I was on the way to collect my wedding suit from the tailors! Apparently we had a chat. I cannot remember this event! Both Annie & I married in 1977, I in July, she in September. I have to accept she was probably right about that underground meeting but as it's not in my diary, I'm not convinced.

But I do know that until March 2011 and with the help of an old camera, I had the first written contact with her again. It wasn't until January 2021 that we had the first telephone contact - the first face to face contact remains to be agreed.....or not!! Due to Corona it won't happen before July and that would make it 44 years.

So the photo which came of Jimmy at their outdoor (Corona restrictions) dinner meeting was simply wonderful to see. Jimmy still has that lovely rascal smile & twinkle in his eyes, and he looks really fit and well and enjoying life. So pleased for him.

I am the outsider as many of the friends from Norfolk in the 1970s still have regular contact (Norfolk is a small village) but wouldn't it be a thing to have a huge meet up of all those friends from 40+ years ago. I think I may just be able to do it without sulking too visibly.

My thanks to Annie for all the photo material. I did get out for an evening walk in the drizzle with Luna in Erkheim. I thought I had taken a photo of the Corona testing station there but later found out I had hit the wrong button and taken a 3-second video! So Annie's photos rescued me.

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