Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

St Mary's

Year 2 Day 50 of UK COVID-19 Pandemic.  First UK Vaccine 156 days ago. England & Wales opening up.

It hasn't stopped pouring with rain all day, so ideal to do some shopping. I bought a load of wine and two 1 litre bottles of Whisky for my brother as each monthy shop saves him about £20 over that from Aldi in Wales due to the Welsh Government Minimum Unit Pricing. I met him at a garden centre in Pontypool (Wales) for the 'hand-over' as I wanted to pick up a wooden rocking bench Mrs BB saw and wanted for her Birthday next month!

On the way home, I explored the country lanes and came upon St Mary the Virgin Church, Llanfair Kilgeddin which I'd not see before. It's well off the beaten track. It's medieval but rebuilt in 1875. Closed to services since 1980's it's now a listed building.

W-I-D-E  Wednesday Challenge Results

This weeks theme is 'smooth' and again there was a good amount of entries. Lovely photo's and the ones I like on the theme are shown below. Thanks to all who tagged entries to keep the challenge competetive!

1.    DonnaWanna           Lake reflections
2.    Kipsie                         Stones
3.    Cate1                         Red Porsche!
4.    RSDphotography     Swiming Pool
5.    Larchlea                    Smooth Radio - a chanel I listen to a lot!

Honourary Mentions

a)   DollyDoug             Red wine!
b)   KF                           Cows - S-Moo-th !!!!!  :)
c)   Ladypop                Large Ball
d)   Freuchie                Bowling Green
e)   Ninniex                   Swan River

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