Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


I have been thinking all day about the Wide Wednesday challenge.  The theme is SMOOTH.  I didn't notice anything suitable while I was out and I was at a loss as to what to blip.  I had resigned myself to not bothering with the challenge but I suddenly had a thought.  I was sure that wine is often described as " smooth ".  So I looked at the bottles of wine I had in the cupboard.  The wine isn't for me .... I don't drink wine.( and I know nothing about wine )  But I buy Malbec for my son in law, Merlot for my brother C and Sangiovese for my brother J and sister in law V. ( Its what they ask for so I don't have to use my initiative.)

I struck lucky with the Sangiovese.  This is the info from the back of the bottle.......

" This wine is deeply coloured with aromas of ripe red fruits, blackberry jam and spices with a smooth finish."

Thanks to  BobsBlips for hosting the challenge

Musical link - The Warm RED WINE - by Willie Nelson

Around 10am this morning I went online to the Newcastle United website as from then you were able to choose your seat for next weeks game.   I couldn't get my usual seat as It was one of the unavailable ones.  I sit on the end of a row and all the end seats seemed to have been made unavailable. I suppose thats a good idea as then you aren't sitting close to other fans moving up and down the aisles.  I got a seat a couple of rows back from where I normally sit so I'm fine with that.

I went to the Co-op this afternoon.  Weather was dry and warm-ish but very dull.

Finally got round to booking a hairdressers appointment.  I'm not a fan of going to get my hair cut so I've been putting it off.   ( Last time I was there was November 2020. ) But its got the the stage where Im " sick of it " so I will go next week and get it sorted. 

Steps today - 7,741

CORONA CLASSIC - Bach- minuet in G major


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