Holiday souvenir

Another lazy day.  The weather today was cold and windy with no sunshine at all so I wasn't encouraged to go out. 

For Tiny Tuesday I have blipped the earrings I wore today.  I bought them in Freeport, Maine in October 2018.. I always like to buy items of jewellery when I'm on holiday so that when I wear them they will bring back happy holiday memories ( that is especially necessary at the moment). These silver earrings remind me of a lovely day spent in Freeport with my blip friend justbe . We shopped in LL Bean, looked in all the little shops around town, had a meal in an Italian restaurant and stayed the night with one of justbe's old friends.  You can read about that day HERE

Thanks to wrperry for hosting the challenge

Musical link  LIGHTHOUSE - by James Taylor

At 6pm I joined in with my Slimming Group Zoom meeting.  There were 10 of us this week including two new members.  My weight stayed the same this week.  I'm OK with that. 

I was going to ask the group for any tips on what to do with quinoa but the two new members obviously needed a lot of  " airtime " so I didn't get the chamce to ask.  I found  a box of quinoa in my cupboard the other day when I was having a sort out.  I obviously bought it on a whim.  I've never cooked it or eaten it before. This evening I just used it as a rice/pasta substitute and had it with some bolognese type sauce,.  But if anyone has any nice healthy recipe ideas for the stuff feel free to share ( not using it cold in salad though as that doesn't appeal to me ).

Steps today - a measly 2,668

LOCKDOWN TOP 10  YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN - by Taylor Swift (This song title might ring true with parents who are trying to look after their children at home whilst trying to work at the same time)

CORONA CLASSIC Overture to Ruslan & Ludmila -  by Glinka

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