Pictures of Lily

On sunny mornings when I open the living room curtains I usually find little Lily asleep in the window hammock.  She was there this morning so I took a few photos while she was still asleep.  Then she woke up.  Then she went outside where I got another photo. I'm sure you can guess which TRACK I have chosen to accompany this blip. 

I stayed at home today getting on with some household chores.  Did some washing and ironing.  Sorted out 8 things to go in the charity bag ( thats good going for me ).

Listened to the match on the radio.  Newcastle were playing away at Fulham.  Fulham are already relegated.  Newcastle played well.  The final score was Fulham 0  Newcastle 4.  So the season is over.  Hopefully our manager Rafa Benitez will decided to stay.  Of course that will depend on whether the owner is willing to spend money on new players.  He is not known for splashing the cash so anything could happen.

Becky and Mike were running again this weekend ( after completing the London Marathon only 2 weeks ago ).  Yesterday they ran in the Dark Star Brewery 7k and today it was the British Airways Gatwick Half Marathon.  Becky was 9 mins faster today than she was last year at Gatwick.

Steps today - 5,327

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