I made an early start this morning - bus to Newcastle then another bus to Newcastle Racecourse to go to Living North Live Spring Fair - a Home, Garden, Shopping, Food and Lifestyle Exhibition.  Lots of stalls selling all sorts of interesting items.  Most of the stalls were indoors and the rooms were very crowded.  There was lots of lovely food to buy and free samples everywhere - but I resisted temptation. Unsurprisingly I bought .... a handbag and two pairs of earrings. I stayed at the Fair for around 2 hours.

I had a treat waiting for me at home - a Peanut Butter Cornetto.

Just one Cornetto,
give it to me,
delicious ice-cream, of Italy,
creamy vanilla and choco dream,
Give me Cornetto,
from Walls Ice Cream

On my Slimming World plan I am allowed 15 syns per day.  This Cornetto was 10 syns.  Was it silly to use up so many syns on one thing?  Well I don't think so.  It was yummy.  Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

Family news:~

Neil is in Ireland this weekend with his girlfriend visiting her parents.

Becky bought a bike.  Her first NEW bike.  ( As she reminded me today she only ever had second hand bikes when she was a child.)  She chose a ( Victoria ) Pendleton Brooke Hybrid Bike.  She has been riding a bike for a few months but it was one she borrowed from her next door neighbour so she is thrilled to have her own now.

Steps today -10,466

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