Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Let the Bug Porn Begin...

I found these tiny lovers(later identified as Tiphiid Wasps) engaged in personal things under a leaf on the buddleia.  Undeterred, I used my finger to push a leaf aside, and stuck my macro lens right in there.  The wasps, equally undeterred, continued about their (ahem) business.  Although it is early yet for many of the interesting insects that can be found in my garden, if one pokes about enough, it's just amazing what can be found.  

In my never-ending effort to convert the world to insect lovers,  I'd like to point out the size difference.  The female is about a fourth larger than the male, something not uncommon in the insect and arachnid world.  In this particular shot, the male was repositioning (as one does) before settling in to a more common position.  I'll tag this for my Yard Bugs record this year.

Awaiting bestie, Kura's arrival.  We are planning to have lunch at a local place that offers outdoor dining - because it's a beautiful day and because we are both fully vaccinated.  Later this afternoon, virtual happy hour with our other three friends, then salmon for dinner.  Followed by fresh brownies with locally made chocolate/peanut butter ice cream.  

Stay safe, be kind and indulge...  I think we've all earned it.


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