Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


I had a really enjoyable walk today along a very birdy trail in one of our state parks.  I encountered a half dozen people during the hour I was out, none masked but all socially distant.  There were warblers galore along the trail so I was a very happy bunny, snapping away.  Most of the warblers are arriving on territory now so they are singing - makes for a very lovely serenade when one is out walking.  Today's offering is one of our wood warblers, a male American Redstart.  They have the most extensive song repertoire of any of our warblers which makes identifying them by ear quite challenging. However, one glimpse of their vibrant plumage makes for an easy ID.  This little guy was busy eating and singing at eye level which was a wonderful treat.

Back at home I finished installing my water feature in the garden.  It worked great ... for an hour.  Now I see that it is no longer pumping water so I will have to go and disassemble the whole frigging thing and try to figure out what is wrong!

Chipmunks are running rampant in the garden and patio.  Poor Xena has her hands full trying to keep an eye on the kids while also guarding all see supply.

Oh, and last evening before I had a chance to bring the feeders in we had our first bear visit of the year.  I'd put the bear at 200+ pounds.  It totally destroyed my best (and only squirrel resistant) feeder before we could scare it off.  It also had SIL trapped in her car until we could clear the way for her to come in.  Lots of excitement. 

Grocery day today, so Hubs is suited up and ready to roll.  I'll man the decontamination station when he gets home.  What a world we are living in, eh?

Be safe, be kind, be patient.


 Covid Stats
Total positives as of today in NJ - 142,704
Total deaths in NJ - 9,946
Total cases in Sussex County - 1046 ---  deaths - 137

Today is Day 71 since NJ's first case of Covid 19 was diagnosed

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