Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Je t'adore, Thirty Four

Today broke with more rain and chilly temps.  By noon, however, the rain had moved out ...and the sparrows had moved in.  In addition to Yard Bird #34, the Song Sparrow, there were also Chipping, White-throat and White-crowned sparrows in the yard.  Always an interesting time of year when some species are coming while others are going.  Many people think Song Sparrows are plain "little brown birds" but, as with most sparrows, when you look closely, you see their fine detail.  Song Sparrows have a large range and can be seen thoughout N. America, but with wide variation in colors.  The consistent mark of this species, though, is the dark spot in a streaky breast.

Nice chat with Mom and Dad this morning - they are in St. Louis, working their way east.  Then, I popped in to check on MIL who had a low fever last night.  Still has the fever and seems to be feeling listless so having the nursing staff keep extra eyes on her today.

Day two of five at the gym.  And about to do the final "walk-through" for my presentation later this week.  Hubs is planning to drive home tonight so won't get back until quite late.  


PS:  And I'm putting a shot of the White-crowned Sparrow in Extra - it's a better photo than the one I blipped a few days ago (helps not shooting through double-paned glass windows...)

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