By cabbagetree


This is a very small detail of an 18 metre long painting by Ralf Hotere, my favourite NZ artist. The photo doesn’t do justice to the meticulous paintwork. This camera performs poorly for anything over ISO 200.

As a a belated Mothers’s Day present my son took me, along with my daughter, to see the Hotere exhibition at the Christchurch Art Gallery. The exhibition is extensive, with a lot of information for each work, but I largely ignored that, simply experiencing the wondrous art.

There was a brisk north easterly blowing in Christchurch, very chilly in spite of the warm sunshine. I was fascinated by the huge amount of gold and tan autumn leaves. Great armies of them streamed along city streets, dancing in traffic as lights changed, and pirouetting high in the air. What a beautiful mess they made!

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