By dunkyc

Get rhythm

An exceptionally busy day culminated in the arrival of my offspring for the weekend.

They’re pictured here constructing some beef burgers for our tea. I saw a cooking show once where Michele Roux (?) created a burger, hollowed out the centre and filled it with cheese, before covering it back over and cooking it.

I’d always wanted to try it, but I only had some cheddar. The results were so-so and if truth be told, I think the meat needed more seasoning and a better quality of cheese inserted, but hey, you have to try these things don’t you?!

In another round of exceptional management bullshit double speak, the phrase “proposed engagement rhythms” was introduced to the team today and I am delighted to say was met by a deserving volley of emails and texts rightly extracting the urine. My favourite being “proposed engagement rhythms = pre-marital sex?” 

This is one of the many reasons why I will never rise to the dizzying highs of actually running a business, because I simply refuse to use this kind of language adopted by the higher-ups. Why do they do it? Is it because they think it makes them sound more sophisticated? More intelligent? Is it a defence mechanism? ie. I don’t actually know what it is I want to say or how to say it so I’ll throw some random words together, which I think sound good and will hide behind that. I shall leave that to you to decide….

Mainly though, today I have been touched by the response to my post yesterday. There’s been some lovely comments both on here and other social media where this journal is shared. I’ve received messages of concern and recommendations of people to talk to, which is very much appreciated. I feel that I should say that I am genuinely fine (aside from the sniffles which Matty seems to have kindly shared), in a good place and it wasn’t a cry for help or anything like that. It was more just a reordering of thoughts - which blipping is soooooo good for - and to publicly thank a friend (Simmo) for hearing and helping me out.  

Sparky commented about how she meditates to “let her thoughts go”, I think these blips are my way of doing the same.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for reading, commenting and the general show of affection it is greatly appreciated and yet another reminder of how well I chose my friends and acquaintances.

Final word on this to the Man in Black.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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