Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Rooftops and hilltops

Another dull day - whenever will it perk up! We went down to Homebase to look at various things and while there bought a few plants to liven up the tubs at the front door. 

Mrs M went to the pier to buy fish - down to the left beside the van in the picture. Out of sight on the right is the railway station. I liked the contrast of the rooftops against McCaig's Tower up on the hill, so that's my Blip today. Thanks, Enid Blyton!

Did a bit of gardening after lunch - rather spoiled by the constant noise of a chainsaw from the direction of Benvoulin Woods. I suppose I should go down to see what's going on, but I'll leave that for another day!

Quote of the Day:

Enid Blyton  - “I'm good at exploring roofs. You never know when that kind of thing comes in useful.”

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