By strawhouse


This time last year we were spending day after day out in the garden, enjoying the sun and the plane spotting and the birdsong.
This year it just rains incessantly.
Miss L went into town with her friend Miss A, and Mr K and I decided to go the garden centre at Preston Bissett. I loved it so much when me and mum went the other day and I wanted to take Mr K.
Surprisingly Miss E said she’d like to come too, and we didn’t want to leave Archie so off we all went.
It’s soooooooooo nice there. So many beautiful plants and lovely things.
And cake!
Actually I was very good and just had a cup of tea while Miss E and Mr K stuffed their faces with chocolate cake.
I saw Miss E taking lots of photos of plants on her phone, and some of the beautiful homewares. Her photos are so good!
It made me so happy that she wanted to come with us. A thirteen year old choosing to go to a garden centre with her mum and dad!
A quick wander round the ‘Cathedral in the Fields’ at Hillesden and then home for the FA Cup, a documentary about Agatha Christie, pizza, burgers, slimming world curry (guess who had that?!!!) and The Great British Photographer, or whatever it’s called, on Sky. My God, the judges are a bunch of pretentious meanies!!!

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